​​Ronda Gibb Hinrichsen Author

In Pursuit of the Nightingale

Coming November 8, 2021

The hunter becomes the hunted when a Regency amateur sleuth and her lost love search for a missing child.


Almost three years ago, Miss Rani Pemberton, a half-Indian heiress, confessed her love to the handsome and Illustrious Mr. Frederick Barrington. In response, he left England, and now her father insists she accept one of his godson’s multiple proposals.  

Every day, Rani resists those proposals, including on the day she and her family attend a hot air balloon ascension at London’s Hyde Park.The balloon crashes, and amid the frenzy, Rani’s eight-year-old nephew disappears. Mr. Barrington, newly returned, volunteers to help her look for her nephew, but how can she fully trust Mr. Barrington when he so readily walked away from her love? She can’t. Not until after they battle murderers and learn it doesn’t matter where they find her nephew but with whom. And whether or not they will survive.